Small businesses usually specialize in a particular product or service and need a custom video highlighting their unique business activity and story in order to promote and create more awareness with their target audience.


With video on the Internet (YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world), small businesses everywhere can tell their story in a unique and compelling way for a fraction of the cost of print advertising. Virtually any business, anywhere, can reach new and current customers. The ability to stream video on the Internet combined with talented videographer’s access to low-cost video cameras and powerful editing software on personal computers empowers businesses everywhere to leverage the power of television-type advertising.

The most successful Small Business Marketing Videos often informally connect customers with the business owner, allowing the business owner to tell his or her unique story. Presenting a soft-spoken invitation through video accomplishes positive sales outcomes indirectly, by creating a personal relationship which moments before, did not exist. So, How does this respectful, unforced method work?


The beauty and effectiveness of Small Business Marketing Videos lies in their simplicity and authenticity. IN a typical Small Business Marketing video, the business owner (or principal employee) answers questions, interview style. The questions are designed to help the speaker convey the key points they want potential customers to know about their business; what they make, which services they excel at performing, and what they uniquely have to offer. A skilled camera person helps business owners relax in front of the camera and ease into normalcy, diffusing fears of performance and self consciousness.


Because filming is structured as an interview, the business owner is encouraged to speak only as themselves rather than as a brand representative. Once people begin to focus on what they know and talk about it, just as he / she would to a customer in person, “performance” is forgotten and their personality naturally delivers the message.