Monolith Localization and Language Services


Localization is about more than just getting a product or content versioned to a particular country, it also requires knowledge of local culture, laws and practices to deliver the best results.


We operate all over the world with a keen understanding of cultural and regional differences that make our services safe, reliable and effective for our clients.

Localization and Language Services


  • Localization for content, products and more.
  • Wide variety of global languages
  • Cost-effective and scalable solutions
  • End-to-end project management
  • Local customs and regulations experience
  • Local compliance and regulation management.
Visual Services

Visual Services

  • Fully Customized Solutions.
  • Translation, dubbing and subtitles.
  • Graphical localization.
  • Locale specific versioning
  • Original content creation and production services
Localization Talent

Localization Talent

  • Professional Actors, Voice Talent and
  • Speakers
  • Voice over, On Camera, and In-Person Talent
  • Live Translators
  • Local Event Hosts, Speaker/Presenters
Technical Services

Technical Services

  • Professional Project Management
  • Expert Technical Support and Data Security
  • Content Finalizations for Netflix, Amazon,
  • and other server requirements
  • Support for all project types, formats,
  • frame rates and final format requirements.
Localization Services
Local Experience

Local Experience

We leverage our local knowledge

and experience to bring insightful, effective

localization  services to our client

Visual Services

Visual Services

Our Team will guide from concept to delivery,

and work with you to realize your vision.

Production Experience

Production Experience

We create engaging virtual experiences to

entertain, teach, tell stories, share

information, market your products and

present your brand to the world.

Realized Solutions

Realized Solutions

The best results mean choosing the right

solutions to meet ever changing localization

and translation requirements. We research,

test and identify the best and most cost effective

solutions to match our client vision and objectives.