Monolith now offers Virtual Event & Conference solutions

Connecting with clients and customers worldwide is essential for you business and brand to stay relevant.


Monolith has embraced the new technologies that have emerged allowing people to connect through online “virtual” events and conferences.


Our virtual event solutions are scalable, secure, and interactive to empower engagement with your attendees without geographical or physical limitations.



  • Design your virtual conference on its own custom branded microsite.
  • Host your live streams, recorded videos, and materials all in one place.
  • Company and exhibitor booths may also be customized with their branding.



  • Set your event to public or private to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Industry-standard support, management, and security for all sessions.



  • Leverage real-time tools to communicate with attendees, a poll for feedback, or provide moderated Q&A, include live Chat, and more.
  • Grant access to selected speakers and approve participant requests to speak during the session.


  • Live streaming and video conferencing options for events both big and small.



  • Manage invitations and signups using our very own registration system.
  • Assign sessions to attendees for a custom view.



  • Real-time data to track attendance, participation, attendee satisfaction.

Contact us for further information on how your company can benefit from using our Virtual Event services.


Monolith provides professional support teams to manage every aspect of your event. From planning to technology, production, and content creation to promotions and social media marketing, our team provides comprehensive support for your virtual event.


Our support solutions provide efficient, cost-effective team structures that provide service support, reliability, and to deliver a successful Virtual Event in line with client requirements and objectives.


Our teams manage onsite technical, production, and coordination services for the hosting location. We provide support for speakers, hosts, and your events team. Behind the scenes, our virtual events team manages bridging, technical support and response, live streaming, content and program management, and more.


Our production services teams will work with you to prepare opening title sequences, branding content, and to manage all of your pre-recorded content. After the event, our production team will work with you to convert recorded material into any content you require for replay, excerpts, video blogs or summary/recap content and more.