Monolith Production Services:


Times have changed and the days of boring corporate messages delivered through traditional media are over. In 2014 Internet spend made up 23.6% of the total global advertising spend and it is growing (ZenithOptimedia Sept 22, 2014). Companies are finding new and effective ways to activate their messages in the minds of their clients and staff, and Monolith is there to help.


Monolith Production Services helps to fully leverage resource to maximize ROI in several different aligned business areas. We help business to engage clients with exceptional HD video and motion graphic content. We work with HR, Compliance, Sales and many other departments to connect concepts to effective communication tools that will reach your clients and achieve your business goals.


Monolith Production Services are scaleable ranging from providing full service onsite production, editing and creative services to on-demand production services for individual projects. We work with you to identify and understand your production needs and to provide bespoke services that are fully customized for your business.



Case Study 1

Managed Media Services Case Study 1:


Term:              2002 to Present

Area:               APAC Region (6) Countries, (10) Cities, (16) Buildings Supported

Scope:             Multimedia Managed Services

Core Service:  Managed Service for Multimedia Services


  • Regional Team Management
  • Full Time Onsite Technical Support Services
  • Reservations and Facility Management
  • Multimedia Events and Production Services (MEPS)
  • CATV/IPTV Support
  • Reporting and Service Metrics
  • VC and AV Systems Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Support


Supported Systems:


  • 112  VC and AV Integrated Rooms
  • 3     Tele-Presence Systems
  • 1     Auditorium
  • 49   Personal VC Systems
  • 2     Multimedia Production Units

Case Study 2

Managed Media Services Case Study 2:


Term:                 2002 to Present
Area:                   Japan Offices
Scope:                Comprehensive Multimedia Services
Core Service:  Managed Service for Multimedia Services


  •     Video Conferencing and Media Support Services
  •     Project and Technical Support
  •     Reservations and Facility Management
  •     Multimedia Events and Production Services
  •     CATV Support
  •     Performance Reporting and Service Metrics


Supported Systems:


  •     30   VC and AV Integrated Rooms
  •     1     Tele-Presence Systems
  •     1     Auditorium
  •     20   Personal VC Systems

Case Study 3

Managed Production Services Case Study:


Term:              2013 to Present
Area:              Japan and Hong Kong
Scope:            Support for internal video and audio production services.
Core Service:   Managed Production and Media Content Creation Services


Comprehensive Video productions  and post production services including:


  •     Client consulting and preproduction planning
  •     Video Studio operations and management
  •     Camera and filming, audio recording and capture
  •     Video Editing and Post Production
  •     Motion graphics and 3D image production
  •     Field and event capture
  •     Content for streaming media and web delivery


Supported Systems:


  •     Dedicated professional production studio
  •     Post production and motion graphics editing suite
  •     Professional camera, audio and lighting systems
  •     Support for streaming media content systems

Case Study 4

Managed Corporate Events Support Services 1:


Term:                 2003 to Present
Area:                  Asia Pacific Region including Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong
Scope:               Support for corporate events and production services
Core Service:      Managed Event and Media Content Creation Services


  •     Dedicated support services for corporate events and content production
  •     Support for on site corporate events
  •     Management and support for offsite major events
  •     Client consultation and event planning services
  •     Resource and Technology management
  •     Vendor coordination and management
  •     Cost management and control
  •     Event media capture and production services
  •     Media editing and publication


 Supported Systems:


  •     Event space management
  •     Support for a wide variety of off site event spaces and related systems
  •     Professional camera, audio and lighting systems
  •     Support for streaming media and content publication systems
  •     Advanced support for Asia wide video conferencing and event facilities

Case Study 5

Managed Corporate Events Support Services:


Term:              2013 to Present
Area:              Japan Offices
Scope:            Support for corporate events video conferencing operations
Core Service:   Managed Event and Video Conferencing services


  •     Provision of a full time dedicated support team managing corporate events and video conferencing.
  •     Video conferencing and media support services.
  •     Event production and consulting services
  •     Event management and technical support
  •     Support for streaming media and event documentation/capture.
  •     Support for advanced translation systems
  •     Remote camera operation
  •     Auditorum facility management and technical support


Supported Systems:


  •     State of the art auditorium facilities
  •     Advanced camera switching and broadcast systems
  •     Support for multiple video conferencing and event facility spaces.
  •     Support for streaming media and event content production.
  •     Support for advanced remote control systems for all audio visual systems

Case Study 6

On Demand Production Services:


Term:              Ongoing
Area:               Asia Pacific Region
Scope:             Provide on demand video and content production services on demand
Core Service:    Professional production services.


  •     Providing as required production and post production services for clients.
  •     Complete preproduction planning, coordination and consultation services.
  •     Full production (camera, audio, lighting) services.
  •     Motion graphics, animation and titling services.
  •     Post production and editing services.
  •     Support for both field and studio production


Supported Systems:


  •     Advanced camera, lighting and audio equipment
  •     Support for professional studios and related systems
  •     Adobe and Apple editing and post production systems.