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Monolith Marketing’s collaboration with Meta soared to new heights with the #82eXMeta project in Mumbai.

Monolith proudly unveils the dynamic collaboration with Meta, epitomized in the groundbreaking project #82eXMeta held in the vibrant city of Mumbai. This venture seamlessly blended the realms of technology, music, and social engagement, reaching an astounding 83+ million fans worldwide. Our strategic orchestration brought together a stellar lineup of 5 influential musicians who graced the Meta events space, captivating an audience of over 50 creators. The essence of the project unfolded as each musician took the stage, going live on Instagram from the Meta events space, creating an immersive experience that resonated globally. This initiative, in conjunction with Meta’s Music Business Development team, has become an ongoing program, fostering collaborations that extend beyond mere performances to the creation of engaging content that elevates the online presence of celebrities, promoting organic engagement on their social platforms.


Embarking on the #82eXMeta project presented Monolith Marketing with a set of distinctive challenges, each met with strategic prowess.

Coordinating live performances of multiple musicians from the Meta events space demanded meticulous planning to ensure a seamless and glitch-free streaming experience on Instagram. The challenge extended to managing the dynamics of a live audience of 50-60 creators, balancing the needs of influencers and musicians for a harmonious production. Additionally, the ongoing program with Meta’s Music Business Development team required agile adaptability to the ever-evolving landscape of social media, where trends and user expectations shift rapidly. Overcoming these challenges required a nuanced understanding of both the entertainment industry and the digital realm.


Monolith Marketing’s solutions for the #82eXMeta project were anchored in innovation, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of the entertainment landscape.

To ensure a flawless live streaming experience, our team implemented advanced technological solutions, optimizing the Meta events space for live Instagram broadcasts. Rigorous planning and coordination were employed to manage the live audience, creating a conducive environment for both influencers and musicians. Our ongoing program with Meta’s Music Business Development team saw the integration of agile video production strategies, tailoring content creation to the unique social media needs of each celebrity visitor. This involved close collaboration with Meta clients to curate Instagram live sessions and reels that not only showcased talents but also maximized engagement on their respective social platforms.


The #82eXMeta project bore fruit in the form of unprecedented reach and engagement, solidifying its place as a groundbreaking venture in the realms of technology-driven entertainment.

With a cumulative audience of 83+ million fans, the project elevated the Meta events space into a global stage for influential musicians and creators. The ongoing program with Meta’s Music Business Development team yielded tangible results, boosting the online presence of celebrities and enhancing their engagement on Instagram. The collaboration not only showcased Monolith Marketing’s prowess in navigating the intersection of technology and entertainment but also underscored our commitment to delivering impactful and forward-thinking solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of digital media and live experiences.

Captivated an audience of over 50 creators and reaching over 83 million fans globally.

Captivated an audience of over 50 creators and reaching over 83 million fans globally.

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