Credit Suisse

Monolith was selected by Credit Suisse as the sole provider for Managed Media Services across Asia Pacific, offering comprehensive support and technical consulting in key regional offices.

Credit Suisse is a global financial services and investment banking firm with established offices throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Rapidly changing technology and communications needs required provision of comprehensive Managed Media Services from a single regional provider able to deliver reliable, cost-effective services in each necessary location and country. Monolith was selected to support Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and India. We provided multi-media operations, event support, and content production services. In addition, Monolith technicians provided support for systems integration projects, testing, and new equipment recommendations, along with ongoing technical consulting and systems recommendations.

Credit Suisse

The client required the replacement of a previous providers with a turn-key managed service solution capable of delivering services and providing solutions for the following challenges;

• Improvement of audio-visual service quality and performance

• Resolve service quality and reliability issues.

• Launch and transition services to newly constructed and/or updated facilities.

• Provide flexible “right-sized” teams to meet evolving service requirements.

• Provide cost-effective turn-key project and systems consulting support and provide tier 1 and 2 technical support, triage and problem resolution services.


Monolith provided an embedded support team offering comprehensive audiovisual support services in Tokyo.

• Provide managed media, event support, and technical support services as required.

• Establish technical and support processes and procedures to improve service performance, reliability, and user experience.

• Define and document technical and operational procedures, best practices, and service standards.

• Implement performance measurements, SLA/KPI, and reporting structures to monitor success.

• Establish flexible teams and work in partnership across borders with other providers to assure service quality.

• Provide professional technical consulting, project management, procurement, and systems consulting region-wide.


Monolith began providing services in Japan and in key regional offices across Asia, in line with client timelines.

Monolith successfully managed the transition of services to the new facilities in Japan. We worked on revising and updating existing facilities in other locations, providing systems consulting and vendor management services. We managed both upgrade and new systems rollouts and projects across the region.

Monolith scaled our services to include content production and event support services, growing with our client’s requirements and scaling services and team size to match changing client needs.

Monolith teams played key support roles in disaster recovery and business continuity programs during the SARS pandemic, the Great Tohoku Earthquake in Japan, and the resulting Fukushima disaster.

Monolith production teams worked with Credit Suisse management to document the devastation in Eastern Japan following the 311 earthquake. The footage was used to help Credit Suisse raise funds for relief. Our teams helped deploy emergency sites and communications to ensure our clients’ continuity of business communications and team collaboration during the recovery period.

Monolith team members provided systems consulting to deliver usability and user experience improvements during the region’s multiple technical upgrades and new facility rollouts.

Monolith expanded services provided one-stop support for equipment procurement, on-demand services, and other umbrella services through an efficient single provider and billing model.

Monolith seamlessly expanded and adapted services for Credit Suisse across Asia, enhancing media solutions and disaster recovery support.

Monolith seamlessly expanded and adapted services for Credit Suisse across Asia, enhancing media solutions and disaster recovery support.

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