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Maersk's Shanghai warehouse 360° interactive walkthrough showcases our 30-year legacy of sector-wide excellence and efficient operations. Leveraging lean methodologies and industry compliance, we optimize cost and time with top-tier Warehousing and Distribution platforms.

With over 30 years' experience and deep expertise across many different sectors and industries, MAERSK has proved process excellence, compliance to industry standards, lean, quick and efficient operations, with the supply chain expertise to offer solutions and improvements in order to optimize time and money. Maersk's Warehousing and Distribution operating platforms, backed by end to end logistics solution, is one of the top WN D operating platforms in Shanghai, reflecting the hallmark in Logistics in Warehousing & Transportation.


MAERSK has a huge workforce off the ocean, employees who're proud about the world class automation & technology deployed at the WNO facility, have never visited a warehouse.

People safety training and warehouse safety training with higher engagement and retention rate could prove crucially beneficial for safe operations in the shipping industry for MAERSK Training through VR as a medium will result in better engagement of employees and higher retention rate resulting in an immersive learning experience.

Employees are restricted from understanding the lifecycle of a package inside a warehouse and also all other Value Added Services by MAERSK, like CoH, Quality check, re-packing & more.


Monolith created a 360° audio-guided VR Tour of the fully automated WNO facility.

The 360 Informative programs can be viewed offline and assist learners in achieving a better understanding through immersive headsets provided to the employees.


The deployment of a 360° audio-guided VR tour by Monolith at MAERSK's fully automated WNO facility marks a pivotal advancement in employee training and safety practices.

This innovative approach has not only enhanced engagement and knowledge retention among employees who have never visited a warehouse but also significantly improved their understanding of safe operations within the shipping industry. By offering an immersive learning experience, the program has effectively bridged the gap in employees’ comprehension of the package lifecycle and MAERSK’s Value Added Services, including CoH, quality checks, repacking, and more. The availability of these informative programs offline, accessed via immersive headsets, has facilitated a deeper and more intuitive learning experience, underlining MAERSK’s commitment to leveraging world-class automation and technology for workforce development.

Monolith transformed MAERSK's employee training with an immersive, 360° VR tour, elevating safety and operational understanding.

Monolith transformed MAERSK's employee training with an immersive, 360° VR tour, elevating safety and operational understanding.

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