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Monolith Marketing showcases expertise in subtitling, successfully delivering for 100+ films, 20 web series on Amazon Prime.

Monolith demonstrated unparalleled expertise in subtitling, having successfully provided subtitles for over 100 films and 20 web series on Amazon Prime. The magnitude of subtitling such an extensive volume of content, spanning three languages (Tamil, Hindi, Bangla), and adhering to stringent timelines presented multifaceted challenges. To overcome these hurdles, Monolith employs a strategic approach with a focus on quality control.

Amazon Prime

Subtitling a massive volume of content for Amazon Prime within an 8-month timeframe presents numerous challenges.

The primary difficulties include managing the sheer volume of films and series, coordinating across three languages (Tamil, Hindi, Bangla), tight time constraints, maintaining quality, effective communication, legal compliance, adaptability to unforeseen issues, resource management, technology integration, ensuring consistency across languages, addressing time constraints for review, and maintaining cultural sensitivity.

Each challenge requires careful consideration and strategic planning to ensure the successful completion of the project.


Effectively subtitling over a hundred films & web-series necessitated a strategic approach, with a particular emphasis on quality control.

Efficient time management is achieved through a detailed timeline and regular progress monitoring. The linchpin of success is a robust quality control process implemented at every stage of the subtitling workflow. This includes thorough reviews, feedback sessions, and the use of professional subtitling tools to maintain high standards and coherence across all projects.

Communication and coordination are streamlined through regular update meetings and the use of cloud-based collaboration tools, facilitating seamless interactions between freelance writers and the in-house team. Legal and compliance challenges are addressed through a careful review of licensing agreements and collaboration with legal experts to ensure adherence to cultural and legal requirements.

Adaptability is a core principle, with contingency plans in place to swiftly address unforeseen challenges. Resource management is optimized through clear role definition, ongoing performance monitoring, and training sessions to ensure proficiency in subtitling tools.

Consistency across languages is a priority, achieved through clear translation guidelines and regular cross-language reviews. Dedicated time for thorough reviews mitigates potential oversights, addressing the time constraints for effective quality control.

In the realm of technology, the integration of professional subtitling software is crucial for efficiency. The in-house coordinating and QC team oversees the integration and provides support to freelance writers to ensure a seamless workflow.

Cultural sensitivity is paramount, and collaboration with native speakers and cultural experts is a fundamental aspect of the subtitling process. Their insights contribute to subtitles that respect cultural nuances and sensitivities, enhancing the overall viewer experience.


QC, adaptability, and consistency is what led to a successful localization project for Amazon Prime.

By placing a strong emphasis on quality control, utilizing a team of experienced freelance writers, and leveraging an in-house coordinating and QC team, the challenges of subtitling over 100 films and 20 web series for Amazon Prime in three languages can be effectively addressed. The integration of these solutions ensures a successful, high-quality, and timely completion of the ambitious project.

Quality focus and expert teams ensure successful, timely subtitling.

Quality focus and expert teams ensure successful, timely subtitling.

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