• Small Business Marketing Videos – The Basics

    Small businesses usually specialize in a particular product or service and need a custom video highlighting their unique business activity..

  • The men and women behind the curtain

    What a day it was yesterday – such a big day for us! A 2014 article found on nofilmschool.com brought up the subject of the role of the Editor in the process..

  • It’s a green screen world!

    Use of the green screen, or chroma key, is not a new technique. In fact variations of this very useful tool have been around since the 1950’s.

  • Zeiss and lens design for DSLRs

    Over 150 years in business, Zeiss is a leader in lens technology. In this video a company representative at the US based NAB convention explains..

  • Climb the Monolith!

    Monolith Media currently does corporate media production and corporate communications for various companies..