The new ubiquitous use of green screen.


Use of the green screen, or chroma key, is not a new technique. In fact variations of this very useful tool have been around since the 1950’s. As computing power continues on its exponential rate of growth, so too does the usefulness of this incredible tool.


The basic function comes from the delineation of a matte, or outline, of a subject that is to be placed in some other setting or engaging with things not in the location. This matting process is created by using a clean, evenly and well lit green (or other colored) screen behind the subject. In the edit process the green screen is then separated and the outline matte that travels with the motion of the subject is created.


The digital tools for doing this are called Chroma keyers and are now integrated into most professional edit programs such as Final Cut or Premiere. This allows for very creative placement of the subject into a near limitless potential of locations.

Whether its a small shot depicting something as small as a street, to a huge scenario showing destruction of everything round it. The technology is here to stay with its feet firmly on the ground. We are seeing more and more backgrounds use this incredible technology and with software such as After Effects and Photoshop – Even smaller channels on YouTube are using this more and more.


Monolith staff use these tools regularly to create virtual sets, dynamic presentations and in many other ways to help communicate unique messages crafted for our clients.


The use of this in multimedia productions is a huge benefit and provides a fantastic cost-effective alternative to reality. This video shows the huge benefit to having this kind of technology for huge multimedia and production companies. Enjoy the video, it is fascinating!