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Why Monolith?

– Your growth, Our strength

We deeply care about your professional growth and development with us. Monolith supports your efforts and enthusiasm in learning and trainings to be more knowledgeable and earn the latest technology skillset in your area.


– Small teams, Global partners

We are small in size, but the scope and area of our work are global. We have partnered with big global players in the industry – finance, technology, social media, entertainment, hospitality and many more.


– Expand and explore, Go APAC

Monolith operates in multiple locations in the APAC region. Internal mobility opportunity is available not only in your location but in the region as long as you meet some essential qualifications including language.

Types of Roles at Monolith

Virtual Reality (VR) /Augmented Reality (AR) Production
• Customized Business-Process Solutions
• Operations Standardization Solutions
• Customized Training & Simulation Services
• Logistical, Warehousing, and Transportation Solutions
• Manufacturing and Production Tools
• Retail, Sales and Marketing Solutions
• Educational Tools
• Tourism and Navigation
• Entertainment and Experiential Content


Media Production
• On-site Studio Production and Management
• Motion Graphics and Advanced Presentation Graphics
• Off-site Field Production Region Wide
• Media Production for Live and On-Demand Streaming
• Educational and Training Content Development and Production
• Marketing, Advertising and Promotions Projects
• Compliance and Training Materials Content Development and Creation
• Philanthropy and Charity Content Production

Audio Visual Operations
• Video Conferencing and Audio Visual Support Services
• Event Management, Production and Operations Teams
• Streaming Media Production
• Audio Visual Systems Testing and Projects
• Project Support and New Systems Testing and Evaluation
• Systems Integration Consulting and Support
• Peak and high demand extended support of client facilities services.


Event Management
• Virtual event setup and management
• Professional event coordination and planning
• Event budgeting Site coordination and consulting
• Webinar, Seminar and Remote Event Production and Management
• Virtual Tradeshows and Exhibition Production
• Technology planning and equipment resourcing
• Filming and event media capture
• Photography services

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    FAQs on Application

    – Is the cover letter a must?
    Not really. We rather encourage you to put all the information in your CV if possible. Once you’re shortlisted, you will have an opportunity to add some more personal statement in the initial interview questionnaire.

    – What happens if I apply?
    If shortlisted, you will hear from our recruiting team within 2 weeks or so. Otherwise, please understand we cannot notify all the applicants of not being shortlisted.

    – What is the usual interview process?
    Once shortlisted, you will fill out the initial interview questionnaire. And if invited for the interview, you will go through a few stages of interviews – thru in-person and/or video call. This process may take about 2-3 weeks depending on the availabilities of the team.

    – I have registered my CV as a talent roster; when can I hear back?
    We will be able to consider your CV only when there’s a need for the role.