Monolith Asia | Media Production
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Media Production


Times have changed and the days of boring corporate messages delivered through traditional media are over. In 2014 Internet spend made up 23.6% of the total global advertising spend and it is growing (Zenith Optimedia Sept 22, 2014). Companies are finding new and effective ways to activate their messages in the minds of their clients and staff and Monolith is there to help.


Monolith Production Services helps to fully leverage resource to maximize ROI in several different aligned business areas. We help business to engage clients with exceptional HD video and motion graphic content. We work with HR, Compliance, Sales and many other departments to connect concepts to effective communication tools that will reach your clients and achieve your business goals. Our Production Services are scalable, ranging from providing full service onsite production, editing and creative services to on-demand production services for individual projects. We work with clients closely to identify and understand their production needs and to provide bespoke services that are fully customized.

Full Spectrum Production Services:


  • Concept Creation and Development
  • Multi-media Strategic Planning
  • HD and 4K Video Production Services
  • Video Editing and Post Production
  • Motion Graphics and Animation
  • Production Studio Consulting and Planning
  • Production Studio Management and Operations
  • Location Scouting, Testing and Production Services
  • Video and Voice Over Talent Casting and Coordination
  • Social Media Planning, Strategy and Content Management
  • You Tube Channel Creation and Management

Scalable Production Services:


  • Full Service Managed Multimedia Support and Production Services
  • Professional Dedicated Production Resourcing
  • On-Demand Production Services
  • Field and Location Production Services